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High Density High Moisture Resistant (HDHMR) boards are wooden boards designed to offer strength, durability, and moisture resistance.

HDHMR Board stands for High Density High Moisture Resistant board. It is a type of engineered wooden board designed to offer enhanced durability and high moisture resistance. These boards, due to their high durability and moisture resistance, offer a wide range of applications.

HDHMR board is a versatile board and can be used for various applications in many industries, including kitchen platform bodies and counter tops, construction, interior design, and furniture manufacturing.

HDHMR Boards , What is HDHMR Board , एचडीएचएमआर बोर्ड, High Density High Moisture Resistant Boards

HDHMR boards, also known as High Density High Moisture Resistant boards, are manufactured wooden boards like the plywood. The strength, durability and moisture resistance are comparable with BWR and BWP Grade plywood.

In general, the HDHMR boards offer a strong, durable, waterproof, and versatile wooden board alternative to traditional plywood. These boards are specifically manufactured to withstand high exposure to moisture and provide robust strength and extended lifespan.

Kitchen Design Using HDHMR Boards , Best Wooden Boards For Kitchen

HDHMR boards offer some excellent features and properties, which apparently make them the first choice of wooden boards for home owners, architects, interior designers, and other agencies associated with this profession.

Some of the most important HDHMR features and characteristics include durability, high density, high moisture resistance, heat resistance, borer resistance, and termite resistance. These boards can be directly used without any special treatment and offer a smooth surface finish. 

In this section will discuss different types of HDHMR boards, their technical characteristics, and its applications in various interior design projects.

HDHMR Boards For Interior Design Projects

Features And Properties Of HDHMR Boards

HDHMR boards are specially designed to offer some specific features and properties that make them suitable for wide range of applications:

HDHMR Boards , Features , Properties Of HDHMR Boards , High Density High Moisture Resistant Boards

1. High Density

Density of the wooden board is a key factor that affects its durability. HDHMR boards are manufactured from high density wood fibers which results a much higher density as compared to other standard Fiber boards. High density raw material provides the additional strength and durability to HDHMR Boards.

2. Moisture Resistance

Exposure to moisture adversely affect the life and durability of the wooden boards. The HDHMR boards are specially manufactured and formulated to offer very high resistance to moisture.

Survivability under moist condition is an important feature of HDHMR boards making them suitable for wide range of applications. These boards can easily withstand exposure to humidity or wet conditions such as Kitchen and washroom furniture.

3. Dimensional Stability

Most wooden boards are vulnerable to dimensional changes when exposed to moist conditions and UV exposure caused due to harsh sunlight.

However,  HDHMR boards due to its dense core material and manufacturing process offer excellent dimensional stability. This is an important feature of the HDHMR boards that minimizes the risk of bending, warping or swelling when exposed to humid and moist conditions.

4. Render Smooth Surface Finish

The surface painting depends upon the surface finish. Uneven surface needs consume more painting material that increases the painting expenses. Whereas,  HDHMR boards offer smooth surface finish that can be either directly painted or laminated.

Depending upon the interior design, these boards offer wide range of options for surface finish which includes prelaminated boards. Similarly, due to its smooth surface these boards can easily be painted with minimum efforts and painting materials.

5. Machinability

Machinability is the ease of using various tools on the wooden boards. This is an important feature that affect the finish of the furniture. HDHMR boards are easily machinable, allowing for ease of cutting, shaping, and drilling during furniture fabrication.

Applications Of HDHMR Boards

HDHMR boards due to their properties offer an alternative to traditional plywood. These boards find applications in various industries and settings due to their unique combination of properties:

Kitchen Platform Structure With Base Cabinets

1. Furniture Manufacturing

Different types of wooden boards are used in the furniture industry. HDHMR boards offer a cost-effective alternative. These boards are commonly used in the production of furniture, especially for items like cabinets, shelves, and tables.

2. Interior Design Projects

The demand for wooden boards is ever increasing for various interior design projects.  HDHMR boards due to its strength and water resistance are suitable for interior applications. These boards are widely used for washroom furniture, kitchen platform, cabinets where the furniture is exposed to moist conditions.

3. Construction

In construction, HDHMR boards may be used for specific applications where wooden boards with high strength, density and moisture resistance properties are required, such as wall panels or underlayment.

4. Commercial Spaces

The commercial spaces design requirements need material that can withstand rough usage and moist conditions. These boards due to their durability and resistance to moisture, HDHMR boards are often chosen for commercial spaces like offices, showrooms, hotels, and retail store outlets.

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