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Home Improvement And Decor

Welcome to home improvement and decor.

A beautiful home , office , commercial space that is well planned, functionally convenient and aesthetically appealing adds so much of joy to our life.

However, to execute any home improvement and renovation project within your budget is a challenging task. It is a common experience for many to get confused in the home improvement store. 

The planning and execution of any home improvement work needs technical knowledge and expertise for its successful completion.

The home improvement and décor is a comprehensive resource that will provide you technical knowledge and the practical execution skills.

We will guide you step by step so that you can confidently plan and execute any do it yourself ( DIY ) home improvement project.

It would be the endeavor our team to provide you an accurate , reliable, detailed information about various products and DIY projects. 

Home Improvement And Decor

Home Interior Design

The home interior spaces such as living room, bedroom, kitchen, washroom and other spaces need to be carefully planned and designed.

The interior spaces are planned keeping in mind the aesthetics, functional convenience, client needs, ease of maintenance  and the cost consideration.

The home interior design include the plan for interior design , selection of wall paint, color scheme, floor tiles , electrical wiring , layout of switch boards , lighting design , interior doors , furniture , false ceiling work , air conditioning  and other design elements.

Interior Planning And Design

Home Interior Planning And Design

Learn to professionally plan and design the interior spaces.

Everything you need to know about interior wall painting work.

Interior Electrical Wiring

Interior Electrical Wiring , Home Improvement work

Learn to professionally plan and design the electrical wiring.

Interior Floor Tiles

Interior Floor Design Options , Home Renovation

Everything you need to know about interior floor tiles.

Interior Door Design

Interior Door Design , Home Decor , Door Panels

Comprehensive guide to select the interior door panels.

Interior Home Lighting

Everything you need to know about interior home lighting.

Home Improvement And Decor

Home Exterior Design

The building exterior design is another important aspect of the new house construction as well as for any home improvement project.

The house exterior design include various design elements such as exterior wall paint, wall cladding, building illumination, garden and landscape design, exterior flooring work, drainage system and other design elements.

The main design consideration for planning the exterior spaces include aesthetics , functional convenience , whether protection , home security and the building maintenance.

Exterior Wall Paint

Exterior Wall Paint Selection Guide

Comprehensive guide to exterior wall paint options.

Exterior Wall Cladding

Exterior Wall Cladding , Exterior Building Design

Everything you need to know about exterior wall cladding work.

Outdoor Floor Design

Exterior Flooring, outdoor floor design

Complete guide to select the outdoor floor options.

Home Exterior Lighting

Exterior lighting for building facade and outdoor spaces.

Home Improvement And Decor

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