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Home Lighting

Complete Guide To Home Lighting DIY Projects

The home lighting is an important component of most home improvement DIY projects. It is the ability of illumination to transform any ordinary space into an extraordinary space.

The home lighting is designed to illuminate the various interior spaces as per the functional and aesthetic requirements.

Lighting the interior spaces includes planning the layout for the lights, making a selection of different types of light fixtures, and choosing the type of lights.

The interior designer has to select the best combination of different types of lights to ensure desired levels of illumination.

The layout of the lights determines where the lights are placed. It plays an important role in obtaining the desired illumination for an interior space.

Home Lighting

For home interior design, the lighting system for a house is designed as a layered system . As per the layered system design , the interior spaces are illuminated using the combinations of different types of lights and each light has its own distinctive feature.

The home lighting system is a specialist job. The interior designers must develop the expertise, knowledge and execution skills to provide best suited lighting solution.

This article has been specially designed to help the beginners to grasp the fundamental design principles of home lighting, types of lights , electrical engineering aspect of home lighting and other related important topics.     

Basics Of Home Home Lighting

The home lighting design is a science and an art as well. The science of home lighting is based on the fundamental design principles.

Whereas, the element of art provides an artistic touch to the home lighting used to illuminate the various interior objects and spaces.

The lighting design for a house aims to provide the best lighting solution for various interior spaces. Each interior space is different in terms of functional and aesthetic requirements and therefore needs different design solution.

It is important to understand the fundamental design principles and the concepts necessary to professionally design the home lighting system. A professionally designed lighting can bring that wow factor into the home interior.

The understanding and the knowledge of the design process is another important factor necessary to create the professional designs. The home lighting design should perfectly blends with the architecture and the interior design style.

In this article, you will learn the basics of home lighting planning and design. This includes the theoretical design principles used for planning the house lighting.

We will also discuss in detail various factors and design considerations that interior designer take into account while planning the home lighting design.

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How To Design Home Lighting ?

Basics Of Home Lighting

Different types of home lighting systems are used  in the interior design to provide the required illumination for various interior spaces.

For home interior design , the lighting types for a house can be grouped into three main types. The first type of home lighting is ambient lighting which provides general illumination.

The second type of home lighting is task lighting. The task lights are used for performing various tasks such as reading , playing and cooking .

The third type of home lighting is called accent lighting. It is also referred as specialty lighting and used for illuminating the objects .

The recessed lighting is another commonly used home lighting . The recessed lighting is extensively used in the interior design as ambient lighting.

The interior designers use these three basic types of lighting ( ambient , task and accent lighting )  to create a layered structure of illumination .

In this article, you will learn different types of home lighting systems used in the interior design, technical features and  application for various interior spaces.

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Types Of Home Lighting 

Basics Of Home Lighting

The electrical wiring is an important component of the home lighting system. The electrical wiring layout should match the layout of the home lighting designed for different types of lighting effects.

Learn the basics of electrical wiring for home lighting which includes layout of the electrical wires , types of electrical wires , placement of electric switch boards.

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Electrical Wiring For Home Lighting

Basics Of Home Lighting

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