Types Of Hinges , Auto Hing , Door Hinges , Window Hinges , Kitchen Cabinet Hinges

Types of Hinges

Different Types Of Hinges Used For Interior Design Applications Such as Doors , Windows, Kitchen Cabinets

Different types of hinges are used for various home improvement projects such as doors, windows, wardrobes, and kitchen cabinets. Hinges are mechanical devices that allow two objects to pivot or rotate around a fixed point.

A wide range of hinges are used, specially designed for various applications, such as doors, cabinets, gates, and more. The choice of hinges depends upon several factors, such as load and technical features. There are several types of hinges, each designed for specific purposes and functionality.

The selection of the right type of hinge is crucial for various reasons, as hinges play a significant role in the functionality, safety, and aesthetics of the objects they are used on.

Types Of Hinges , Mortice Hinges, Auto Hing , Door Hinges , Window Hinges , Kitchen Cabinet Hinges , Butt Hinges

Selecting the right hinge involves considering various factors, such as the load, movement requirements, aesthetics, technical features, and environment. A well-chosen hinge contributes to the overall functionality, safety, and longevity of the objects they are applied to.

It’s important to consult with experts or manufacturers if you’re unsure about which type of hinge to use for a specific application. This article is specially designed for interior design professionals to provide detailed information about different types of hinges, their applications, and their technical features.

Types Of Hinges , Features And Application

Types Of Hinges Complete Guide

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Complete guide for different types of hinges used in various interior design projects. Specially designed for the students of architecture, interior design, civil engineering, civil contractors and other stake holders. 

Butt Hinge

Alternate Names - Mortice Hinge

This is one of the most common types of hinges widely used for different types of furniture, doors, windows, and kitchen cabinets. It consists of two plates attached to the abutting surfaces of the objects to be connected. Butt hinges are available in different materials, such as steel, stainless steel, brass, and chromium plating.

These hinges are also available with ball bearings, commonly referred to as ball bearing hinges. The ball bearing hinges offer many advantages, such as smooth motion, long life, and low maintenance. Ball-bearing hinges are mainly used for heavy doors and windows that require frequent usage.

Butt Hinges , Mortice Hinge

Butt hinges, also known as mortise hinges, are a type of hinge that consists of two plates joined by a central pin. They are commonly used to attach doors, gates, and cabinets to their frames, allowing them to swing open and close.

Butt hinges are a versatile type of hinge commonly used in doors, cabinets, and other applications. They provide a concealed and smooth swinging motion, offering strength and durability for various structures. Their historical significance and reliable design make them a popular choice in both traditional and modern settings.

Types Of Hinges , Features And Application

Ball Bearing Hinge

Alternate Names - Ball Bearing Butt Hinge

Ball-bearing hinges are a type of butt hinge specially designed with ball bearings between the hinge knuckles to facilitate smooth movement and reduce friction. They are commonly used for doors, especially heavy doors, to ensure effortless opening and closing.

These hinges use ball bearings to reduce friction and allow smooth movement. They are commonly used on heavy doors and windows that need to swing smoothly. Large size French windows are also fitted with ball bearing hinges.

Ball Bearing Hinge , Bearing Hinge

Ball bearing hinges are known for their durability and longevity due to the presence of ball bearings that distribute the load and reduce friction. This design minimizes wear and tear, making them suitable for doors that undergo frequent use, heavy loads, or both.

These hinges due to its additional features and ball bearings coat more as compared to butt hinges.

Overlay Hinge

Alternate Names - Auto Hinge, 3D Hinge, Concealed Hinge , European Hinges

Overlay hinges, also known as cabinet hinges, auto hinges, or 3D hinges, are a specific type of hinge commonly used in cabinetry and furniture. They are designed to attach cabinet doors to the cabinet frame while allowing the doors to overlay the frame partially, covering the cabinet’s edges.

Overlay hinges offer a versatile solution for cabinetry and furniture, allowing doors to overlay the frame partially or fully for a clean and modern appearance. Their adjustability, aesthetic appeal, and various types make them a popular choice in interior design, especially in spaces where a streamlined and organized look is desired.

Types Of Overlay Cabinet Hinges , Auto Hinges , 3D Hinges

Different types of auto hinges are available to meet the specific requirements of the furniture. These hinges are of the concealed type and are not visible from the outside, giving them a clean, modern look. These hinges are extensively used for most ready-made furniture and kitchen cabinets.

Types Of Overlay Hinges , Auto Hinges , 3D Hinges

Auto hinges, 3D hinges, and overlay hinges come equipped with mechanisms to adjust the door panel position and a soft close feature.

Soft-close overlay hinges are provided with a hydraulic mechanism so that whenever a door is closed with force, the mechanism ensures the jerk-free closure of the door without making any noise. If you don’t like the abrasive sound that a cabinet door makes while closing, then soft-close hinges can be your perfect option.

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Piano Hinge

Alternate Names - Continuous Hinge , Long Hinge

Also known as continuous hinges or long hinge, piano hinges are long and narrow hinges that run the entire length of the objects they connect. They are often used for folding panels or lids, such as those on pianos or storage chests.

A piano hinge, also known as a continuous hinge or a continuous piano hinge, is a type of hinge that runs the entire length of a door, lid, or other flat surface. It consists of two plates, typically made of metal, that are joined by a series of interlocking knuckles.

Piano Hinges , Long Hinge

This design allows for even distribution of weight along the entire length of the hinge, making it suitable for applications where strength and durability are required. Piano hinges are versatile and durable continuous hinges that find applications in a variety of industries due to their strength, even weight distribution, and smooth operation.

Types Of Hinges , Features And Application

Barrel Hinge

Alternate Names - Cylindrical Hinge , Pivot Hinge , Bullet Hinge

Barrel hinges are specially designed as heavy-duty hinges to handle heavy loads, such as steel fabrication doors. They consist of a central cylinder (barrel) with a pin running through it. The barrel is attached to one object while the pin is inserted into the other, allowing rotation. These hinges are commonly used for gates and doors.

A barrel hinge, also known as a barrel pivot hinge or a pivot hinge, is a type of hinge that consists of a pivot (barrel) and two plates attached to the objects being hinged. These hinges allow rotational movement around a central axis, much like the way a door pivots on its hinges. Barrel hinges are often used in situations where a swinging or rotating movement is required.

Barrel Hinges , Bullet Hinge , Pivot Hinge , Cylindrical Hinge

Barrel hinges are available in many shapes, such as cylindrical or square. Due to their strength and durability, these hinges are widely used for different types of steel fabrication work, such as main steel entrance doors.

They provide a simple yet effective solution for rotational movement in various applications. They offer advantages such as a wide rotation range and stability, making them suitable for scenarios where swinging or rotating access is required.

Barrel Hinges , Bullet Hinge , Pivot Hinge

Soft-Close Hinges

Alternate Names - Self-Closing Hinge, Slow-Close Hinge, Quiet-Close Hinge

A soft-close hinge, also known as a self-closing hinge or slow-close hinge, is a type of hinge designed to automatically close a door or lid in a controlled and gentle manner. Unlike traditional hinges that can allow doors or lids to slam shut, soft-close hinges use built-in mechanisms to slow down and softly close the door, reducing noise and impact.

Soft-close hinges are engineered for durability, often using high-quality materials and precision mechanisms to ensure long-lasting performance. Soft close is basically a mechanism that allows the door shutter to close without any noise caused by impact. This premium feature has been incorporated into different types of hinges, such as overlay hinges.

Soft Close Hinges , Overlay Soft close hinge

Soft-close hinges are designed to provide controlled and gentle closure for doors and lids, reducing noise and impact while offering convenience and safety benefits. They are commonly used in various residential and furniture applications where noise reduction and smooth operation are valued. Most reputed furniture and hardware brands offer soft-close hinges as a premium feature.

Concealed Hinges

Alternate Names - Invisible Hinge, Hidden Hinge, European Hinge

It is rather a category of hinges rather than a specific product and many hinges would come in this category such as overlay hinges.

Concealed hinges, also known as hidden hinges or European hinges, are a type of hinge that is designed to be hidden from view when a door or cabinet is closed. Unlike traditional hinges, which are often visible on the outside of a door or cabinet, concealed hinges are mounted in such a way that they are not easily seen when the door is shut.

Concealed Hinges , European Hinge

Concealed hinges are commonly used in kitchen cabinets, wardrobes, interior doors, and other types of furniture where a clean and modern appearance is desired. They offer a functional and visually appealing solution for attaching doors while keeping the hardware hidden from view.

L Type And W Type Hinges

Alternate Names - Invisible Butt Hinge, Hidden Hinge, Hidden Mortise Hinge

L hinges and W hinges are also known as kitchen cabinet door hinges or furniture’s small door hinges. L-type hinges and W-type hinges are considered cheaper and the best alternate options for overlay, European, and auto hinges. These hinges provide the same look as overlay hinges but are designed as butt hinges.

The concealed overlay hinges are expensive and prone to sagging over a period of time. Whereas L type and W type hinges are rugged, strong, and relatively maintenance-free. However, these hinges do not offer the soft-close feature offered by overlay hinges and other concealed hinges.

L Type Hinge , W Type Hinge

L Type and W Type  hinges are commonly used in kitchen cabinets, wardrobes, interior doors, and other types of furniture where a clean and modern appearance is desired. They offer a functional and visually appealing solution for attaching doors while keeping the hardware hidden from view.

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