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Bathroom Remodel

How To Remodel Your Bathroom ?

Complete Home Improvement DIY - Bathroom Renovation Explained

The bathroom remodel is one of the most popular home improvement DIY projects. There are many situations when it becomes necessary to completely redesign and remodel your bathroom.

Many specialist remodel contractors offer various types of packages, and you can choose the package that best meets your needs and budget.However, this option is relatively expensive.

Some home owners might prefer to keep control in their own hands and hire different agencies for different tasks required to execute the home improvement project.

However , this option requires a great deal of involvement on the part of the homeowner in terms of technical knowledge and project management skills.

Bathroom Renovation Project - Before And After

Bathroom Remodel Transformation

This is a complete beginner’s guide for bathroom remodel and renovation DIY projects. If you are planning to start a bathroom remodel project, then this article is specially designed for you.

This DIY guide covers the complete technical know-how and the practical expertise that will help you successfully complete the bathroom renovation project like a professional.

This is a complete beginner’s guide that will help you understand the basics of the bathroom remodel process step-by-step. Each step of the project has been explained in detail.

The planning of the remodel project is the first step in the right direction. The success of any remodeling project depends upon the knowledge and the execution skills.

Bathroom Makeover - Step By Step

Bathroom Remodel Process Step By Step
Bathroom Renovation Process Step By Step

This is a complete beginner’s guide for bathroom remodel and renovation DIY projects. If you are planning to start a bathroom remodel project, then this article is specially designed for you.

Bathroom Remodel

Bathroom Renovation DIY Step-By-Step

The bathroom remodeling project is a major home improvement project. This project involves many tasks that might require you to obtain prior permission ( USA and UK ) from the local competent authorities.

The bathroom remodel project is a major surgery that involves some major items such as bathroom plumbing , electrical wiring , floor and wall tile installation, civil work for the structural changes, installation of sanitary fittings and fixtures , bathroom lighting, and other such items.

The entire bathroom remodeling project can be broken down into the following simple steps. 

Bathroom Remodel DIY - Step By Step

How To Remodel Your Bathroom ?

Step - 1

Prepare the Bathroom Remodel Plan

The planning stage is the most crucial step, especially in the context of a bathroom remodel project. The main objective of the design and planning process is to optimally utilize the available space.

For most bathroom designs, the available space is always a constraint. In many situations ,we also need to accommodate gadgets like washing machines into the bathroom design.

And therefore, bathroom remodel planning and design are essential in order to optimally utilize all the available spaces. The planning process also involves the functional segregation of different activities.

Bathroom Floor Plan

The bathroom area is primarily divided into a dry area and a wet area. The dry area includes the WC area and wash basin area.

On functionality , the bathroom area can be organized into four major activities. This includes the wash basin area, water closet WC area, storage area, and shower area.

The basin area is the most frequently accessed area, and therefore it should be placed closer to the door. whereas the shower area is the least accessed area and can be placed away from the bath entrance door.

The bathroom remodel plans also involve product selection and finalizing the specifications for each item. The final selection of the products depends upon the brand, price, and maintenance issues.

The bathroom renovation work involves three of the most important systems, such as plumbing, sanitary waste disposal, and electrical work. Each of these systems should work perfectly without any conflict or maintenance issues.

Important Pro Tips

The bathroom design layout plan is a specialist job. A good design is the first crucial step towards the success of the bathroom remodel DIY project.

The design process needs considerable knowledge and expertise in interior design. A detailed bathroom interior layout plan professionally created using special design software would be of great help.

I would strongly recommend you to get professional help, as this task can be easily outsourced. There are many specialized people that offer bathroom design services online at a very reasonable price.

Bathroom Interior Design Service

You can explore some reputed freelancing websites such as Fiverr and Upwork to hire a suitable freelancer for this job.

Also, there are many interior plan drawing software available online. This software is much easier to use as compared to architectural software. You can easily create your own drawings by using a free plan.

How To Remodel Your Bathroom ?

Step - 2

Disconnect All Service Lines

Disconnect Water , Sewer Line, Electricity Supply

Before starting the work , all service lines must be disconnected. This is an important safety step. The service lines include water supply lines, electrical connections, and sewer line connections.

The electrical power supply to various rooms is controlled by a control panel (a distribution box ) . You can simply switch off the MCB that connects the electric supply to your bathroom.

Please be reminded that both the electrical power supply lines ( 5 amp line and power line 15 amp line ) need to be disconnected.

Alternately, you can also call an electrician, and the electric power supply to the bathroom can be physically disconnected . This is the safest and best method.

Similarly , you need to take the help of the plumber to disconnect the water supply connection and the sewer drainage line connection to your bathroom.

After completing the disconnection, we can start the dismantling work.

How To Remodel Your Bathroom ?

Step - 3

Complete the Kitchen Removal And Demolition Work

Depending upon the scope of the bathroom remodel work , the existing bathroom dismantling work can be initiated in a logical sequence.

The dismantling is a noisy operation and also generates considerable dust if the existing structure is a brick wall construction.

However , for wooden structures with cement wall panel construction ( US and European countries), the removal of the existing structure is relatively much easier.

The first step of the dismantling work is the removal of existing cabinets , wash basin , WC commode seat and other plumbing fixtures such as taps and mixer units.

In most situations , you may have to redo the internal bathroom plumbing work and replace the existing underground sewer line pipes. This decision depends upon the condition of the existing plumbing and sanitary lines.

However , if the existing plumbing is to be retained, then due care should be taken during the removal process. The existing plumbing and other service lines might get accidentally weakened or damaged.

Bathroom Makeover Demolition Work
Bathroom Makeover DIY Project

The demolition work needs to be done without causing any damage to the structural parts of the building, such as beams and columns.

Most bathroom remodel projects involve some changes in the bathroom layout design. For example, you may be required to remove a wall, remove the tiles, or replace the doors and windows.

The demolition work can be easily outsourced to the specialist agency that offers the demolition and removal services.

The bathroom remodel plan and other groundwork are ready at this stage. You can now start the actual execution work.

Important Pro Tips

The demolition of the existing bathroom needs to be done with close supervision. The bathroom slab level is always kept at least 12 inches sunk below the normal slab level .

This sunk portion allows enough space for underground sewer drainage pipes required for the commode , wash basin drainage pipe, and the drainage pipe for shower area enclosure ( floor trap ) connection.

This sunken area is provided with special waterproof treatment. Due care should be taken during the dismantling process to protect the waterproof treatment of the bathroom area.

The waterproofing of the bathroom area is a time-consuming and expensive process. Please check the condition and effectiveness of the bathroom waterproof layer before you proceed further.

How To Remodel Your Bathroom ?

Step - 4

Complete the Civil Work And Structural Changes

Sometimes bathroom renovations might require some structural changes in order to achieve the required bathroom layout design.

These changes might include the construction of some partition walls to allow the bathroom layout changes .

Similarly , the bathroom remodel plan might require relocation of the existing windows and doors. In some situations, you might want to change the size of the window. All these changes require some civil work .

For wooden frame houses, these changes are relatively easy to incorporate into the design and the existing wall panels can be easily removed. However, for the brick wall construction, the civil work becomes unavoidable.


It is important to ensure that building structural members such as beams and columns are not damaged during the structural changes. You can check their location from the building’s structural drawings.

Any inadvertent damage to the building structure can adversely affect the stability of the building and the safety of the residents.

Bathroom Makeover DIY

It is important to check the dimensions of all the civil work and other structural changes as per the bathroom interior plan.

It is also important to regularly measure the vertical measurements such as the toilet seat top level, vanity top level, and the wash basin top level with reference to the finished floor level of the bathroom.

The finished floor level of the bathroom is generally kept 1.5 inches to 2 inches below the surface with reference to the finished floor level of the room.

How To Remodel Your Bathroom ?

Step - 5

Complete the Bathroom Plumbing Work

After the completion of the necessary civil work and layout changes , the next step is to make the provision for the bathroom plumbing points as per the bathroom remodel plan.

The bathroom plumbing work includes laying two separate pipe lines for the hot and cold water separately. For internal plumbing lines , you can either use GI pipes (galvanized iron pipes ) , copper pipes , PEX (polyethylene) pipes , PVC pipes , CPVC (chlorinated polyvinyl chloride) pipes, or UPVC pipes .

Out of these pipes, the CPVC pipe is the most commonly used pipe for residential plumbing purposes. Different grades of CPVC pipes are available for hot and cold water applications.

CPVC Plumbing Pipe

CPVC Plumbing Pipes

Galvanized Iron ( GI ) Pipe

GI Plumbing Pipes

The selection of the type of internal house plumbing depends upon the requirements and the budget . Different grades and types of plumbing pipes are available in each category with different technical features.

The house plumbing should be planned in consultation with the licensed plumber. Further , you may have to obtain the necessary permission either from the local authority or the housing society condominium, as may be applicable.

Bathroom GI Plumbing

Bathroom Plumbing Work

Bathroom GI Plumbing

Bathroom Plumbing Pipe Layout

Important Pro Tips

The layout of the plumbing pipes inside the bathroom depends upon the location of various plumbing fixtures such as the wash basin , flush tank for the WC , wash area floor trap and the geyser.

The bathroom plumbing should be thoroughly tested under full pressure for any leakage problems. This test must be done before the installation of the bathroom wall tiles.

After the installation of the plumbing pipeline, the system should be tested and checked for a few days by connecting it to the water supply .

If the plumbing system is working fine without any leakage problems, then the next step is to grout and seal the pipes. For the brick wall concealed plumbing, the pipes are sealed into the wall grove with the cement mortar.

Bathroom PEX Plumbing

PEX Pipes For Bathroom Plumbing

PEX Pipe Plumbing

PEX Pipes For House Plumbing

For wooden frame walls ( US and Europe ) , the pipes need to be adequately clamped on the wooden frame with clamps to reduce the noise and vibrations caused by the water hammer.

The grade and the technical features of the pipe used for the bathroom plumbing work are an important selection criterion.

If you are using PEX , CPVC , UPVC, or PVC pipes for concealed plumbing for the bathroom, then the grade of the pipes must be checked and they should be suitable for the frost resistance and hot water supply.

Types Of Plumbing Pipes

How To Remodel Your Bathroom ?

Step - 6

Complete the Bathroom Drainage Pipeline Work

The bathroom drainage is another important system that needs to be planned and installed properly for its trouble-free functioning.

The bathroom drainage system consists of two types of pipe lines to handle two different types of discharge. The first type of pipe does not include any solid human waste, and this discharge is called sullage.

The sullage includes the discharge, mainly from the wash basin and the bath shower area discharge. The sullage is relatively safer to handle and does not generate foul gases in the pipeline.

The sullage discharge drainage pipeline is connected to the inspection chamber through a gully trap placed outdoors. The gully trap creates a water seal and prevents the foul gases from entering into the house drainage.

Bathroom Drainage System Layout

Bathroom Drainage System Layout

The second type of drainage pipe line carries the human solid waste discharge from the WC commode, and this discharge is called the sewage.

The sewage discharge from the WC contains solid human waste that needs to be carried to the common municipal drain outside your home.

These two pipe lines run independently and are connected separately to the drainage inspection chamber (a type of small manhole ). The inspection chamber is connected to the main manhole. The manhole connects home drainage lines to the public sewer line.

House Drainage System

How To Renovate Your Bathroom ?

Step - 7

Complete The Bathroom Electrical Wiring

After the completion of the bathroom plumbing and drainage pipeline work , the next step is to complete the electrical wiring and electrical points required for the bathroom lighting.

Bathroom lighting usually consists of a combination of ambient lighting and task lighting. However , depending upon the interior design , accent lighting can also be introduced into the bathroom lighting.

The availability of the electrical points for lighting and electrical gadgets is another important aspect that needs to be planned as per the bathroom remodel plan.

In the bathroom , the most commonly used gadgets include the electrical points ( 5 ampere , 1 sq mm wire size) for lights and exhaust fans.

Bathroom Electrical Wiring

The layout of the electrical wires should be kept away from the plumbing pipe lines. A safe distance should be kept between the plumbing lines and the electrical wire conduit.

Further, you will also need electrical points ( 32 Ampere , 4 sq mm wire size ) to operate heavier gadgets such as electric geysers ( 3000 Watts ) and washing machines as per the bathroom remodel plan.

Important Pro Tips

The availability of the electric point in the bathroom at crucial locations, such as points near the wash basin and outside the shower area, is crucial.

The electrical switches to operate the geyser should be kept outside the shower area to ensure the user’s safety.

How To Remodel Your Bathroom ?

Step - 8

Install the Bathroom Wall And Floor Tiles.

After the completion of the bathroom plumbing , drainage line, and electrical wire installation , the next step is to install the bathroom wall and floor tiles.

The bathroom wall tiles are installed first . For bathroom wall tiles, different types of tiles are available, and the choice of the tiles depends upon the bathroom interior design .

The most commonly used wall tiles for bathrooms include ceramic tiles , porcelain tiles , vitrified tiles or natural stone tiles such as marble or granite.

How To Install Ceramic Tiles On Concrete Floor

The wall tiles can be installed either by using cement or by using a special tile adhesive. Similarly, the floor tiles are installed after the installation of the wall tiles.

After the tile installation , the tiles need to be cured for a few days to gain the required strength. The tile joints need to be sealed with a special joint sealer compound.

Important Pro Tips

Avoid sealing the tile joints with cement paste, which tends to erode easily. Rather, use a special tile sealer readily available.

Different types of ready-to-use tile joint sealers are available in all home improvement stores. The paint stainer can be added to the joint sealer to get the required shade that matches the color shade of the tiles.

The tile floor should be covered with protective material such as bubble wrap to avoid any damage to the floor tiles during the bathroom renovation work.

How To Remodel Your Bathroom ?

Step - 9

Install The Bathroom Door Panels And Window

After the completion of the bathroom wall tile and floor tile installation work , the next step is to install the bathroom door and window panels.

The standard-sized door panels are readily available in the home store. Alternately, you can get the door panels prepared as per the dimensions specified in your bathroom remodel plan.

The bathroom door panels are continuously exposed to steam and water. Therefore, the door panels should be waterproof.

The pre-laminated door panels made of waterproof material offer the best choice for bathroom doors. The waterproof WPC ( wood plastic composite ) door panels are another excellent material for bathroom door panels.

Bathroom Door Panels

Similarly , for the bathroom windows the UPVC windows offer the best option. The UPVC windows  are available in different designs , color and sizes  in the home improvement store.

Bathroom WPC Window
Bathroom UPVC Window

Bathroom Makeover Process

Step - 10

Install The Bathroom Cabinets And Vanity Top

After the completion of the bathroom door panel and window installation work , the next step is to install the bathroom cabinets and vanity top.

The ready-made modular furniture companies offer an extensive choice of designs and colors for bathroom cabinets. There are plenty of reliable online furniture brands that offer bathroom furniture, such as Ikea.

The selection of the bathroom cabinets and vanity top depends upon the bathroom interior design.

Bathroom Vanity Top , Bathroom Makeover

How To Remodel Your Bathroom ?

Step - 11

Install The Wash Basin And Commode Seat

After the installation of the bathroom cabinets and vanity top , the next step is to install the wash basin and the commode seat.

Wash Basin Installation

The washbasin can be either installed on the vanity top or on a standalone pedestal unit . It can also be installed on the two steel brackets.

For the installation of the washbasin, you will need a pillar cock , one bottle trap , two PVC flexible pipes , two angle stop cocks, Teflon plumbing tape , one waste coupling and a pair of brackets.

The standard height of the wash basin from the finished floor level is generally kept at 30 inches.

How To Install Wash Basin

Commode Seat Installation

Different types of commode seats are available on the market. The selection of the commode seat depends upon the bathroom interior design and the provision for the plumbing and drainage points.

Typically, commodes can be grouped into two major types. The first type is the floor-mounted commode seat. This type is the most commonly used, which is relatively cheaper.

The second type of commode is the latest wall-mounted commode. The wall-mounted commode can be installed only on the special steel stand type bracket. This bracket is grouted into the bathroom floor and the wall.

Bathroom Commode Installation

The wall mounted commode offers excellent sleek look. Being a wall mounted , the commode seat is installed on the wall. The wall mounted commode needs a concealed flush tank .

The wall mounted commode offers many advantages and helps to keep the bathroom floor clean and easy to maintain.

How To Remodel Your Bathroom ?

Step - 12

Install Electrical Switchboards , Geyser, Lights And Exhaust Fan.

The bathroom interior work is now ready for the installation of the electrical gadgets, electrical switch boards, lights, and fresh air fans.

The bathroom geyser can be easily installed above the false ceiling and need not be visible. However , adequate space should be available for the installation and maintenance work.

The next step is to install the electrical switch boards to operate the bathroom lights , fresh air ventilation fan , hot water geyser and other electrical points.

Accent Lights For Washroom Area
Accent Lights For Washroom

The geyser can be operated with a switch board placed just outside the shower enclosure gate to ensure the safety of the user.

The switch to operate the bathroom lights is usually kept outside the bathroom’s main door. This will help the user operate the lights before entering the bathroom.

Bathroom Makeover

Step - 13

Install The Plumbing Fixtures

At this stage, you can now install the plumbing fixtures and the commode accessories. The plumbing fixture installation includes the taps , flush plate , health foucet  and other fixtures.

The plumbing fixtures in the shower area include the installation of the shower control panel , diverter plate and handle for the shower mixer , telephone shower , and overhead shower unit .

All the plumbing fixtures should be masked and covered with masking material till the time bathroom is fully operational.

Plumbing Fixtures

How To Remodel Your Bathroom ?

Step - 14

Install The Shower Area Enclosure

The shower area enclosures are installed mostly by the company itself . The shower enclosure is sold in a knockdown kit that can be easily assembled on the site.

All the shower joints need to be sealed with the silicon sealant necessary to prevent the flow of shower water into the washroom dry area.

Shower Enclosure Installation
Shower Area Enclosure Installation

How To Remodel Your Bathroom ?

Step - 15

Complete The Interior Ceiling And Wall Paint Work.

The interior painting work for the walls and ceiling can be done only for the dry area of the washroom. Different types of paint are available suitable for damp conditions.

However, the average life of the wall paint is not very good due to the continuous exposure to the damp conditions and steam generated in the shower enclosure.

Instead , the current trend is to use PVC wall panels, which offer excellent features and are perfectly suitable for damp area applications.

The PVC panels and WPC boards are available in various color shades and wood texture designs. These PVC wall panels are relatively cheaper and can be easily installed.

PVC Wall Panels

How To Remodel Your Bathroom ?

Step - 16

Test The Bathroom Plumbing And Drainage System

At this stage, all the major work of the bathroom remodel and renovation project is now complete and it is time to test all the systems.

The bathroom is now fully operational and can be connected to all three service lines. Now we can safely restore the bathroom water supply , drainage line connection, and electricity supply connection.

Bathroom Renovation DIY

How To Remodel Your Bathroom ?

Step - 17

Complete The Unmasking And Deep Cleaning

The bathroom remodel project is now complete and the unmasking can be initiated. After the unmasking the deep cleaning work can be started .

Avoid using any harsh chemical and cleaner that can permanently damage the shine and luster of the tiles or plastic accessories.

Now you can decorate your bathroom with accessories.

Congratulations. The bathroom is now fully operational.

Deep Cleaning After Painting Work
Bathroom Vanity Top , Bathroom Makeover

How To Remodel Your Bathroom ?

House Plumbing And Drainage System

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