How To Design Interior Home Lighting

Home Lighting Design

How To Design Home Lighting ?

Complete Guide To Home Lighting DIY Projects

The home lighting design process is a crucial step in interior design for all home improvement and remodel projects.

The interior home lighting is a very powerful tool in the hands of an interior designer that can effectively used to transform any ordinary space into extraordinary elegant interior space.

However, the home lighting needs to be designed based on the established design principles in order to work out the best lighting design.

Each interior space is different in terms of functional needs and the illumination requirements. And therefore , the interior designer has to design and workout lighting design separately for each interior space.

The house lighting technology has also rapidly changed over a period of last few years. The advent of new breed of LED lighting devices offers many options.

Effective use of latest range of LED lights can significantly improve the home lighting design. The main objective of the design process is  to functionally and aesthetically illuminate the various objects and spaces.

Home Lighting Design

The knowledge and understanding of the design process is another important factor necessary to create the professional designs. The home lighting design should perfectly blend with the architecture and the interior design style.

In this article, we will discuss in detail the architectural and fundamental design principles applied while designing the interior lighting.

We will also discuss in details various design considerations and other factors that need be considered for home lighting design.

Home Lighting Design Process Explained

The home lighting is an integral part of almost all home improvement projects. The lighting design needs to be planned carefully to avoid any changes in electrical wiring layout. 

Installing the additional lights is difficult and expensive job after the completion of the work in any home improvement and renovation work. And therefore , all the lighting requirements should be provided at the design stage.

The lighting design involve planning for the type of the lighting to be used , lighting color temperature, selecting the lights and fixtures .The electrical wiring layout also needs to be planned to provide for the electrical points as per the lighting design.

The interior designer has to consider several important factors while designing the home lighting. The lighting design should compliment other important aspects of the interior design.

The home lighting design is based on the the interior design style, color scheme, functional and aesthetic requirements, and the physical dimensions of the interior space.

How To Design Home Lighting

The design features of the home lighting include the selection of the lighting system based on the functional and aesthetic needs of the user for various interior spaces.

The primary focus of the lighting design is to create a layered structure lighting to illuminate the various elements of the interior envelope.

For example, the interior designer has to plan for the best suitable combination of ambient, task and accent lighting for each interior space. Depending upon the interior design style the suitable lighting plan is worked out.

Basics Of Home Lighting

How To Design Home Lighting ?

Home Lighting Design Process

Step-By-Step Procedure To Design Interior Lighting

You can achieve the professional quality results for interior lighting design DIY project  by implementing the following easy to follow steps.

In interior design the home lighting is designed in layers of illumination. Each layer of lighting is represented by a type of lighting.

The first layer of the interior lighting is designed with the ambient lighting. The second layer of interior lighting is introduced with the task lighting. And the third layer of lighting is introduced with the accent lighting.

The layered lighting design helps the interior designer to establish a hierarchy of the lighting layers. The selection of light types and its fixtures depends upon the interior design style .

Layered Lighting In Home Interior

Lighting Layer

Lighting Type

Type Of Lights

First Layer

Ambient Lighting

Recessed Lights, Profile lights, Sconces, Chandelier, Table And Floor Lamps 

Second Layer

Task Lighting

Profile lights, Table And Floor Lamps , Pendent Lamps , Track Lamps , Directional Lamps , 

Third Layer

Accent Lighting

Spot Lamps , Sconces, Pendent Lamps , Track Lamps , Directional Lamps. 

The choice of type of lights for ambient lighting depends upon the interior design style. For example, the interior designer can either choose recessed lights or profile lights or a combination of table lamps, floor lamps and the chandelier to introduce ambient lighting into the interior space.

The lighting and illumination brands offer plenty of options . The advent of latest range of energy efficient and elegant LED lights have completely transformed the lighting design for home interiors.

Basics Of Home Lighting

How To Design Home Lighting ?

There are two important aspects of the home lighting. The fist aspect deals with the lighting design and the second aspect deals with the placement of lights by defining the lighting layout with specific details. 

The lighting design purely deals with the architectural design details such as type of interior lighting to be used and also the type of lights.

The second important aspect of the home lighting deals with the actual layout of the interior lights. This aspect deals with the implementation of the design with specific placement details.

House Electrical Wiring Layout

Most home owners spend considerable amount of time, efforts and money on the house remodel projects. Elaborate planning is required in order to get the best out of your investment in transforming the interior spaces.

The home lighting design also needs to be planned well in advance so that provision for the electrical points can be made. Any additional work that was not planned before will be difficult, time consuming and expensive affair.

The concealed electrical wiring system is the most commonly used electrical wiring standard. In concealed home wiring  system , a conduit pipe is placed inside the wall surface which carries the electrical wires to the switchboards.

Home Electrical Wiring Layout

Basics Of Home Lighting

How To Design Home Lighting ?

Home Lighting Design Considerations

The home lighting cannot be designed independently. Rather the home lighting should be designed to compliment other aspects of the interior design. Some of the important factors considered include :

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