What Is Vitrified Tile Complete Guide

What Is Vitrified Tile ?

Vitrified Tiles - Features , Advantages, Sizes

The vitrified tile is a type of ceramic tile that is made up of more refined raw material. The vitrified tiles are much stronger in terms of its hardness , compression strength and resistance to wear and tear.

The vitrified tile is also said to be the latest third generation of tile as compared to its predecessor that is ceramic and the porcelain tiles.

The vitrified tiles are fast emerging as better alternative to marble, granite and other natural stones used for floor and wall tiles.

Full Body Vitrified Tile Structure
Double Charge Vitrified Tile Structure
Nano Polish Vitrified Tile Structure

Due to its superior strength, wide range of options, easy availability and very affordable price, these tiles are fast replacing other traditional types of tiles.

The vitrified tiles can be used either as a floor tile or as a wall tile. It can also be used either as interior tile or also as outdoor floor tile.

The vitrified tiles are available in various types, colors, surface textures, thickness and various sizes.

Vitrified Tile Brown
Vitrified Tile Cream
Vitrified Tile Gray
Vitrified Tile Matte Finish

The vitrified tiles offer major advantages due to its superior strength and other features , the vitrified tiles are extensively used for both residential and commercial projects.

The low maintenance is another major advantage of these tiles. These tiles do not need high maintenance and care as compared to the marble tiles.

Difference Between Porcelain Tiles And Vitrified Tiles

The vitrified tile is also porcelain tile. Rather, most vitrified tiles are porcelain tiles in terms of its composition and the manufacturing process. 

However, the term vitrified refers to an additional step in the manufacturing process that makes the porcelain tiles even harder and stronger.

During the production stage, the porcelain tiles are vitrified by further refining the minerals used and firing the tiles at even higher temperature.

However, for all particle purposes the porcelain tile would have almost the same resemblance with vitrified tiles.

The term porcelain tile is more common in the US and European markets. Whereas, the term vitrified is more commonly used in the Asian markets especially in the Indian tile market.  

What Is Vitrified Tile ?

How Vitrified Tiles Are Manufactured ?

The vitrified tiles are manufactured by using refined clay, quartz , silica and feldspar as a raw material.

The vitrified tiles are manufactured by a process called vitrification. The vitrification is a process of fusion of clay and other raw material. This mixture is subjected to under intense heat and pressure to form a glass like structure.

The raw material used for manufacturing the vitrified tiles is very carefully sourced to ensure its quality and purity.

Glazed Vitrified Tile

Glazed Vitrified Tiles Floor

PGVT Vitrified Tile

PGVT Vitrified Tiles Floor

The vitrified tiles are much stronger in terms of its hardness , scratch resistance, stain resistance and other such properties.

The vitrified tiles can be manufactured in various colors, patterns and designs due to the advancement in the screen printing technology.

The latest designs of vitrified tiles offer an exact copy of the Italian marbles with all the advantages. Further, the design copy of the natural stone is relatively much cheaper.

What Is Vitrified Tile ?

Technical Features Of The Vitrified Tiles

The vitrified tiles due to its chemical composition and the manufacturing process offer many features.

What Is Vitrified Tile ?

Vitrified Tile Sizes

The vitrified tile sizes can be broadly split into two types. The standard tile size is available with most tile brands. 

The vitrified tiles are also available in special sizes especially in large and the largest sizes.

Vitrified Tile Size

Tile Type

 Size In Inch

Size In mm



16 X 16 inch

400 X 400 mm



24 X 24 inch

600 X 600 mm



24 X 48 inch

600 X 1200 mm



30 X 60 inch

760 X 1500 mm

Large Format


48 X 96 inch

1200 X 2400 mm

Large Format


60 X 120 inch

1500 X 3600 mm

Vitrified Tile Types

Different types of vitrified tiles are manufactured by leading tile brands . The vitrified tiles can be grouped in to various types depending upon its composition , special features, standard sizes and  special large sizes.

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