Types Of Home Lighting In Home Lighting Design

Types Of Home Lighting

Complete Guide To Home Lighting DIY Projects

The interior designers use different types of home lighting systems to illuminate the various objects and interior spaces . A professionally designed lighting has the ability to add the wow factor to your home interior. 

The interior lighting is a very powerful tool in the hands of an interior designer that can transform any ordinary space into extraordinary elegant interior space.

The knowledge of different types of home lighting is crucial for success of home improvement and remodel DIY projects. The choice of lighting depends upon the type of the interior space and illumination requirements.

The types of home lighting can be broadly categorized into three basic types. The first type of interior lighting is referred as ambient lighting. The ambient lighting is also referred as general lighting.

The second type of lighting is referred as task lighting . The task lighting is used to illuminate the limited area for specific activity.

The third type of lighting in interior design is a speciality lighting or accent lighting. The accent lighting is used to highlight specific object in the interior space.

Different types of lights and fixtures are used to provide either ambient, task or accent lighting. The choice light fixture depends upon the interior design style.

In this article specially designed for beginners that will help you understand types of home lighting, types of electrical lights, lighting fixtures used to illuminate the interior spaces.

Types Of Home Lighting

The home lighting on the basis of lighting function and the illumination effect can be grouped into three major types. The three main types of home lighting are ambient lighting , task lighting and accent lighting.

These three types form the broad category of lights. Each of this lighting type is used to introduce a layer of light into the interior space.

It would be worth mentioning here that in interior design , the lighting type is referred to the system of lighting that is used illumination objects and spaces.

Similarly , the types of light is different and refers to the type of the bulb ( Florescent tube , incandescent bulb , CFL and LED bulbs ).

Home Lighting Types

Different types of light fixtures with lights are used in home lighting to introduce ambient , task and accent lighting into the interior envelop.

The  home lighting types ( ambient, task and accent lighting ) , types of lights , types of color temperature ( Kelvin Scale )  and types of light fixtures are four different components of the lighting design.

Basics Of Home Lighting

Types Of Home Lighting

The ambient lights are defined as general lights used for illuminating the interior spaces. The ambient light is also the most predominant light present in an interior space.

The ambient lighting is designed as first layer of the home lighting. Few more layers of lighting are incorporated in the house lighting design to compliment the ambient lighting.

The ambient light should preferably illuminate the entire interior envelop. The ambient light can be introduced into the room either by using a single light or by using multiple lights.

For example, the chandelier can be effectively used  as an ambient light in a living room . Alternately , the interior designer can make use combination of different types of lights for providing the ambient light in a interior envelop.

Ambient Lighting In Living Room
Ambient Lighting With Recessed Lights

The recessed lights and profile lights are another commonly used for providing the ambient light. The ambient light can also be introduced with the combination of two or more ambient lights.

The intensity ( brightness ) of the ambient light is another important aspect of the home interior lighting. In most situations,  the brightness of ambient light can be controlled using the light dimmers.

Basics Of Home Lighting

Types Of Home Lighting

The task lighting is designed in the interior design to illuminate the area for a specific activity. The task lighting is an important component of the lighting design for both residential and commercial projects.

In simple words, the task lighting provides the illumination for specific activity. For example, task lights are required for reading, cooking, high lighting objects, any sports activity and other such similar activities.

The most commonly used task lights include table lamps, desk lamps, floor stand lamps, COB LED lights, directed track lights, pendent lights, spot lights and other similar lights.

Task Lighting With Table Lamp
Task Lighting With Floor Lamp

The requirement of the task lighting depends upon the functional requirements for an interior space. The task lights should be preferably equipped with dimmer. The light dimmers are necessary to establish a balance between other layers of lighting.

Different types of lights and fixtures can be used in the interior design to effectively function as a task lights.

With the advent of new technology in the lighting devices, the task lights based on the LED lights are fast replacing the traditional lights.

Types Of Home Lighting

The accent lighting is used in the interior design lighting to bring the focus on a specific object or architectural feature.

For example, you may have a beautiful helical stair present in the living room and the use of accent lighting can create a visual treat.

In architectural jargon, we can refer the accent lighting as third layer of home lighting. The accent lighting can be effectively used to compliment the ambient and task lighting.

Accent Lighting On Shelf
Accent Lighting On Wall

Some of the most commonly illuminated objects with accent lighting include piece of artwork, mural , wall painting , water feature , stairs , bookshelf , furniture and other such objects.

The accent lighting can be effectively used in the home lighting to draw attention to some specific object. The accent lighting also helps to elevate the status of some specific object in relation to other objects present in the interior space.

Types Of Home Lighting

The recessed lighting is the most commonly used ambient lighting used in the home interior. Different types of recessed light fixtures are available in any home improvement store.

The recessed lighting is a type of concealed ( recessed ) lighting very commonly used in the home lighting. When the lighting fixture is recessed or concealed inside the ceiling then it is referred as recessed lighting.

In the construction industry, the term recessed simply means anything that buried inside another building structural component then it is called recessed.

The recessed lighting has gained major boost in its popularity due to the advent of sleek range of LED surface panels. The recessed lighting is the most prominent form of ambient lighting.

Recessed Lighting In Kitchen

The recessed lighting can be installed in the home lighting either on a false ceiling or on the slab ceiling. However, different types of LED light fixtures are used for installation on the false ceiling and for without false ceiling installation.

The LED surface panel light fixtures are the most commonly used in the recessed lighting. Different types of LED lights and fixtures are used depending upon the illumination requirements and functional needs of the interior space. 

Types Of Home Lighting

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