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Home Interior Design

Complete Guide To Home Interior Planning And Design

The home interior design is a hobby and also passion for many people. Home interior design is an art and science. The home interior is designed based on the aesthetical and functional needs of the interior spaces.

The demand for interior design professionals is at its peak. The market is flooded with products and services designed to transform the interior spaces. The home owners are spending sizable money on the various home improvement projects.

However, the design and planning of the interior spaces based on the on the aesthetical and functional needs is a fairly elaborate and complex exercise. It demands knowledge and expertise in many related fields.

The planning and designing of the interior spaces requires good understanding of both theoretical the practical expertise in many fields related to the architectural and civil engineering.

Interior Design Principles

The theoretical knowledge for the interior design includes basics of principles of planning and design, estimating and costing, color composition, furniture design, electrical wiring, home lighting, architectural science, house plumbing and drainage system, construction material, project planning and execution.

Whereas, the practical expertise in interior design deals with the actual implementation of the architectural designs with the stipulated budget and schedule.

This interior design course is specially designed for the absolute beginner as well as experienced interior design professionals to learn the fundamental concepts.

Home Interior Planning And Design

Home Interior Design Course

Complete Guide To Home Interior Planning And Design

The interior design field offer countless opportunities in many industries. You can either choose to work with an interior design company or start your own practice as an interior design consultant.

There are many reputed educational institutions that offer career-oriented courses specializing in interior design. You can choose either diploma, associate or bachelors degree depending upon the tenure of the course.

Interior Design Course Contents

Table Of Contents

The course contents and the subjects for the interior design course includes the following subjects.

Interior Design Scope And Fields Of Studies

The home interior design professional requires knowledge and practical expertise in many fields. This does not mean that he needs to be an expert in each field. But a working knowledge of different fields

However, the interior designer must have knowledge of fundamental design concepts necessary to plan and execute the interior design project of any scale.

The interior projects of large scale are usually entrusted to the team of experts in the respective field. And therefore, the team work is an essential element of successful interior project execution.

Home Interior Planning And Design

An architect might prepare the detailed working drawing and specifications for various interior spaces. However, these architectural drawings need to be further expanded in consultation with the domain experts.

For example, some specific part of the interior space design such as electrical layout, air conditioning, structural changes, plumbing and drainage system are entrusted to the specialist in that respective field.     

Home Interior Planning And Design

Learn the fundamental design principles that govern the planning and design of the interior spaces. An interior design professional should have knowledge and good understanding of these fundamental design principles.

Home Interior Planning And Design

The execution of the interior design project within the allocated budget and time schedule requires elaborate planning and estimation.

An estimation is the science in engineering of working out the precise quantities for various construction and design elements.

The interior design professional must have broad understanding of how to workout the quantities of various construction and interior design items.

The projected cost of the interior project is based on the estimated quantities for various items and the respective rate analysis.

In this section, we will discuss in detail the basics of estimating and costing for various construction items. This tutorial also covers the techniques and methodology used in quantity surveying and the rate analysis part for various construction items.

Home Interior Planning And Design

Most interior design projects involve extensive civil construction. The civil work includes modifying the layout and design of the existing construction, building additional construction work.

The home improvement work, house remodel and renovation projects such as bathroom remodel and kitchen remodel projects involve extensive civil work and the structural changes.

And therefore, the interior design professionals are expected to be well versed with knowledge of basic civil engineering, construction material and the construction techniques.

In this section, you will learn the basic civil engineering knowledge, different types of construction material used in the interior design projects and various construction techniques.

Home Interior Planning And Design

The electrical wiring is another important component of the most interior design projects. The house electrical wiring requires elaborate planning during the construction stage.

The knowledge of electrical system for interior design professionals includes designing the electrical wiring layout as per the home lighting plan and basics of house electrical wiring.

In this section, you will learn the basics of home electrical wiring, different types of electrical wires used in the interior design projects and how to plan the electrical wiring layout.

Home Interior Planning And Design

The lighting plays an important role in completely transforming the looks of the various interior spaces. And therefore, the interior design professional should good knowledge of principles of lighting system design.

The lighting system is designed to illuminate various interior spaces as per the interior design needs. The lighting system is designed to introduce a layered illimitation as per the functional requirements.

In this section, you will learn the basics of home lighting system, different types of lighting used in the interior design projects.

Home Interior Planning And Design

The plumbing system is another important component of the interior design and home improvement projects. The interior design professionals should have good understanding of how plumbing system is design for residential and commercial interior spaces.

The term plumber system refers to the network of pipes designed to supply the water and carry the used waste water for its safe disposal into the public sewer line.

The plumbing system essentially consist of three basic components. This includes water supply system, drainage system and the ventilation system. The plumbing system also includes various plumbing fixtures used for kitchen plumbing and bathroom plumbing.

In this section, you will learn the basics of house plumbing system design, different types of plumbing pipes and how to design the plumbing system for various interior spaces.

Home Interior Planning And Design

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